Silicone Manufacturing Capacities

Under the registered trademark ASDA®, Longda manufactures a wide range of silicone-based products for automobiles, electronics, home appliances, and machinery in our silicone manufacturing site Plant Wuxi. 

Plant Wuxi covers a 15,000 m2 plot of land with a 4,000 m2 factory with categories ranging from electronic silicone, silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, silicone resin powder, and conductive additives. All silicone product lines comply with RoHS, REACH, and UL-94.

We start with silicone raw materials, synthetic resin, and silicone adhesives, to tape coating, baking, winding, and slitting. The integrated manufacturing chain adds value and flexibility to our clients.

Control Panels

Bonding and Fixing


Capacitor Wires



Moisture/UV Proof


Chip Encapsulation


Mica tape bonding TC2677

Electronic Components Potting TC5A/B

PCB Potting TC5176L

PCB Coating TC5176L

Screen Protective Coating TC2677

Auxiliary Agent High Voltage TH501

Pressure Sensitive

Adhesives For Tapes


ASDA® silicone RTV series offers easy bonding, sealing, potting, thermal conduction, and coating in electronic, electrical, automotive, and general industrial fields as a one-stop solution.

In the fields of adhesion, heat conduction, high and low-temperature, and weather resistance, for highly integrated control systems and the service life of components, ASDA® has a long-term stable protection effect.

Microinverters are critical in managing the flow and conversion of solar energy. ASDA® TC-5 Thermal Conductive Silicone emerges as a transformative solution, specifically formulated for these applications.

ASDA® silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are bonding agents or coatings for mica paper, Nomex insulating paper, textured paper, aluminum foil, nylon, fiber substrate, PET film, Pl film, Teflon, and other substrates.

TH series silicone resin is the primary ingredient/additive for pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and many other silicone adhesives. The character of solid white powder makes this series import and export friendly.