Aluminum Foil/Glass Fiber Tapes

The product features aluminum foil, aluminum foil + glass fiber, or aluminum foil grid + glass fiber as base material, coating with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, and rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.

This flame-retardant tape has excellent resistance against high temperatures up to 260℃, salt spray, tear, puncture, and abrasion. It is waterproof, anti-radiation, anti-interference, heat insulation, and anti-corrosion.


It is applicable in bonding in automobiles and household appliances, heat preservation, leakage prevention, protection, and anti-corrosion in pipes for water heaters and range hoods.

sealing the heat pipes in workshops

leak repairs & sun protection on the roof

anti-scald protection for hot pipes

Product Size

Standard Specifications: length 20-30 meters, width 20-50mm, can be customized according to client uses.