Synthetic Mica Tapes

ASDA-S Synthetic Mica Tape features synthetic mica paper and e-grade glass cloth or PE film as reinforcing auxiliary material, impregnated with high-temperature resistant silicone resin. The product is cut into strips or rolls, suitable for Class A fire-resistant insulated wire and cable materials.


ASDA-S is Class A fire-resistant and electric insulation material for cable wrapping, electrical winding insulation, winding wire coating insulation, windmill/power generators, high-voltage motors, and transformers.

At 950℃ to 1000℃ or 1742℉ to 1832℉, under a voltage of 600V to 1000V, breakdown time>90 minutes.

Fire Resistance: Class A, BS6387 / IEC 60331,GB/T19216




Key Features

  • Excellent flexibility and tensile strength are suitable for efficient high-speed wrapping.

  • A high level of fire resistance can reduce the wrapping cost.

  • High product qualification rate: the wrapped appearance is smooth and beautiful without burrs.

  • Environment-friendly: no toxic or harmful ingredients and no toxic gases at high temperatures.

Product Size

Single Disc (52/76/83mm *5-45mm), Spool (80/100/120mm*150-400mm). Specifications can be customized according to client uses.